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About Ocutech

A Worldwide Leader in Low Vision Aids

Ocutech, founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in developing advanced hi-quality telescopic low vision aids (bioptics) for the visually impaired. Ocutech bioptic telescopes are prescribed by Low Vision specialists in over 4o countries, and are used by tens of thousands of visually impaired individuals throughout the world.

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Laser alignment jig for SightScope 300×300

Funding and Grant Support

With research grant funding totaling over $1.5 million from the National Eye Institute (NIH) and the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Health, Ocutech bioptic systems have been carefully designed and studied and have been preferred 3 to 1 in independent clinical trials. In 1996, Ocutech received international attention when it developed the first ever autofocusing bioptic telescope for the visually impaired. Now in its new version–the Falcon Autofocus Bioptic–it is the only self-focusing bioptic in the world, and provides the most natural magnifier vision possible.

Ocutech Process and Production

Ocutech is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where all of our products are designed, assembled, tested and shipped.

  • Ocutech receives calls, emails, and faxes daily from visually impaired individuals and low vision specialists from all over the world seeking advice and placing orders.
  • Each order is reviewed by our expert technical staff.
  • We customize each patient system to their doctor’s requests.
  • Every order is QUALITY CHECKED two times prior to shipping.
  • Instructional materials, fitting tools, and patient support materials are included with every order.
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Low Vision Specialists Recommend Ocutech Bioptic Telescopes

Ocutech telescopes are preferred by low vision prescribers for their advanced optics, appearance, ease of use and prescribing, and high quality. Ocutech low vision telescopes:

  • Provide the widest fields of view available
  • Are designed to be light weight, compact, and comfortable to wear
  • Are designed for easy and convenient focusing
  • Include specially designed optics to enhance image sharpness and clarity
  • Include a full range of prescribing options to customize the system for one’s individual needs
  • Include industry-leading product warranties and user and prescriber support
CNC Mill for custom drilling

Our computer controlled CNC Mill provides very accurate control during product manufacturing.

Focus knobs ready for assembly 1 e1497208117174

Focus knobs for the VES Sport, VES Explorer and VES-K ready for assembly.

Sports with custom paint

Custom Painted Cases for the VES-Sport II waiting for Assembly. We can make them in your favorite color!