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For Parents of Visually Impaired Children

Learning that your child has a visual impairment can be very scary! What will it mean for their schooling, for careers, for family life and for living independently?

Doctors may tell parents that there’s nothing more that can be done, and parents are left on their own to figure out what to do. Often times visually impaired children are not without sight, it’s just that their vision is not as clear as that of normally sighted children.

And, there is plenty that can be done! Special early development services, school program support, low vision aids, and even the potential for driving.

We have included below a selection of informational materials to help you get started. Many contain links to other information and support that you may find helpful.

You are not alone. Reach out, seek professional support, and never give up.

Preparing Your Visually Impaired Child for Their Future

This brochure is a good introduction to services and technology to help your visually impaired child.

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Supporting Visually Impaired Children in the Classroom

Here’s a list of 10 ways to support children with low vision in school.

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It's Not Just About Reading: Seeing Well at a Distance Can be Very Important

Distance vision is a social sense. It helps us make eye contact, read body language and feel connected to the world around us. Bioptic telescopes are helping thousands of children throughout their school years and lives.

Learn all about bioptic telescopes in the Consumer Guide to Ocutech Bioptics.

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Consumer Guide to Ocutech Bioptics Telescopes

Is Your Child a Promising Candidate for an Ocutech Bioptic?

It’s best to visit a low vision specialist to help to determine how to best support your child’s visual impairment, but here’s a simple questionnaire you can complete to get you started. Your responses will be reviewed b y an Ocutech expert and be provided to you in a convenient report. You can bring the results to your low vision specialists to help get you started.

Don’t have a Low Vision Specialist? Contact Ocutech for a referral.

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Download the Ocutech Bioptic Product Brochure

Learn about the full line of Ocutech bioptic telescopes specifically designed for the visually impaired.

It’s available in 6 languages!

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