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Ocutech InstaMount Telescope And Field Expander And The "On & Off" Bioptic

Instamount 2.2x TS mounted in bioptic position

The Ocutech InstaMount Series offers a quick, convenient method to attach a monocular Galilean Bioptic to the front of an eyeglass lens. It is available as a 2.2x Telescope (TS) or a 0.5x Field Expander (FE). These can be prescribed either by permanently mounting the device to the uncoated eyeglass lens using prescriber-applied self-adhesive flanges, or attaching the telescope to the front of magnetic clip-on frames (The On & Off Bioptic) using either the self adhesive flanges or by drilling through the lens in the clip. This approach allows the telescope to be removed easily and conveniently when not needed. A convenient demonstrator clip makes positioning, demonstrating and ordering simple.


Ocutech InstaMount adhesive flange attached to front of eyeglass lens.

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Ocutech 2.2x InstaMount attached to Demonstrator Clip

The On & Off Bioptic

The InstaMount can also be used with magnetic clip-on frames (The On & Off Bioptic) using clear plano lenses in the clip. Prescribers can provide their own frames and use the self-adhesive flanges, or they can select magnetic clip frames provided by Ocutech and request the InstaMount to be drilled into the carrier lens at the appropriate position and angle. Contact Ocutech for magnetic clip frame options.


InstaMount On&Off Telescope mounted to magnetic clip frame


Each Ocutech InstaMount System comes complete with two self-adhesive flanges– straight and 7° tilt. A reusable Clip-on demonstrator adaptor is available that will hold either the TS or FE for demonstration, evaluation and positioning purposes.

  • Available in:
    • 2.2x Telescope (TS)
    • 0.5x Field Expander (FE) for tunnel vision
  • Telescope Ideal for mild vision loss of 20/100 or better
  • Exceptionally wide field of view
    • 2.2x= 18 deg monocular
    • 0.5x= 50 deg monocular
  • Crisp, bright optics
  • Simple to demonstrate, fit and prescribe
  • Prescribe for bioptic or full-diameter positions

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