1. Developed to optimize optics, appearance, comfort and ease of use!

    Ocutech’s telescope low vision systems are the only low vision telescopes that are ergonomically designed to provide the combination of wide field of view, light weight, compactness and wearing comfort that users prefer.

  2. Designed to be easy to fit, demonstrate and prescribe!

    Ocutech’s innovative frame mounting systems are completely adjustable for pupillary distance and angle of inclination, making the fitting of a high-quality telescope system quick and easy! And, they can be readjusted at any time!  Step-by-step order forms make prescribing and ordering a breeze!

  3. Backed by great personal service and product warranties!

    Since 1984, Ocutech has been known for its expertise, customer service, and commitment to quality. Whatever you need, Ocutech is ready to help.

  4. Instructional webinars, prescribing worksheets, marketing materials, and great technical support!

    Ocutech offers a range of professional support to help you every step of the way.

  5. We’ll send referrals to your door!

    Ocutech maintains an active patient referral program to help connect prospective patients with Ocutech prescribers in their community.

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