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Testimonials: Real Patients, Real Stories

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Learn How Ocutech Bioptics have Impacted So Many Eyes—So Many Lives

Don't take our word for it! Here you can learn what experienced Ocutech users have to say about using their bioptic. You can discover how Ocutech's low vision aids have transformed the lives of individuals probably very much like you. These stories will provide you with just a glimpse of the wonderful ways and positive impact that Ocutech's bioptics can have for individuals with low vision.

amazon and testemonila man hang gliding

Use photo of Dianne Davis for article and reviews

#Stargardts #JuvenileMacularDystrophy #Independence

"I'll never forget that immense joy I felt the second I put them on," Dianne shares with a smile. "Getting in the car and realizing I wouldn't have to compromise my future was deeply elating. I could drive, see signs and construction, and feel safe at work. Ocutech gave me the stability I needed."

South African Author

#Albinism #Driving #Author
“It is difficult and frustrating living with a vision impairment,” she said, openly. “To those who don’t share the experience, please try to understand that our eyesight is so precious, so please do not patronize us.”

Navigating the Journey

#Retinal Detachment #Senior #Hobbies
I didn’t want to give up,” Gary said. “I wanted to be able to do the things I had always done before— like drive my tractor and take care of the land— see my grandkids and my lovely Connie.” Overcoming these obstacles was Gary’s next mission.

Screenshot 2023 12 09 at 22.11.37

#Macular Degeneration #Senior
This is the best thing that has happened to him in recent years. He is able to comfortably do the things that he wasn’t able to do before because of his impaired vision. And he is noticeably a happier person.

It’s a Whole New World

#Achromatopsia #School #Driving
No words will ever be able to fully capture the story of Crystal Davis and Ocutech— it’s a story full of twists and turns, of a woman’s resilience, of her strength of heart and fate.

Now we know he’ll be OK

#Stargardt’s #Kids #School
It was when Lane was about seven years old that he began to show signs of blurry vision--, needing to sit very close to their large screen TV and complaining that he couldn’t see his schoolwork.

Adventure Awaits

#Coloboma #Hobbies #School #Driving #Flying
“I could now see and do things I couldn’t ever do before. And, I was able to get my special driver’s license and that’s all that really mattered to me then,” he smiled. “The Ocutech bioptics have literally changed my life,” he said.

It honestly felt like a dream 2

#Macular Degeneration #Senior #Driving
“My Ocutech bioptics reopened my life for me,” Bill reminisced. “Without them, I was hiding in my own little world where I didn’t say ‘hi’ to people because I couldn’t recognize them—I felt so unconnected… it was a difficult time in my life.”

It honestly felt like a dream

#Senior #Low Vision #Driving
They went from doctor to doctor and he underwent six eye operations! But it wasn’t until he was referred to a low vision specialist— an optometrist specializing in treating the visually impaired, that his vision and his life began a new chapter.

They’re an Eye Changer

#Nystagmus #Parenting #Driving
Born with a visual impairment due to cataracts and nystagmus, Luis knew that sitting behind the wheel of a car, driving his daughter to school, or play-dates, or family trips would not be part of his parental ‘job-description.’ But with special telescopic glasses designed for individuals with visual impairments, Luis’ world has never been the same. Luis had put his faith into action and began to research what new technology was available to support his vision issues.

She Became So Much More Curious

#Stargardt's #Kids #School
“He knew straight away what my daughter had—Stargardt’s disease”—a juvenile form of macular degeneration— “It was such a relief to finally know what was going on,” Ms. Jones recalled, thoughtfully.  Now we could get started finding ways to help her.

Meet Aaron Paulk

#Stargardt's #Surfing #Driving
“Gosh where do I start with how my Ocutech bioptic has changed my life?” he says.  “I have been able to regain my independence and drive, which has helped me train harder and harder to now be one of the best visually impaired competitive surfers in the world.

If It Weren’t for Ocutech

#Adult #Macular Degeneration #Driving
“I was considered legally blind ever since I was nine months old,” Frierson, a behavioral technician, explained. “Things were always hard for me— I was the kid who never saw the board in school, who needed special textbooks enlarged, the whole nine yards.”

Australia’s first ever bioptic driving

#Driving #Low Vision 
Ocutech is extremely proud to be part of this event. Australia’s first ever bioptic driving demonstration day.   An estimated 228,000 people in Australia could use this technology to drive for the first time, or continue to hold a driver’s license.

Bioptic Driving

#Driving #Licensure #DMV
Dr. Greene, Ocutech co-founder and president, discusses his work for the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles when bioptic driving was legalized in the state.


Open Letter to a Mom

#Ocular Albinism #Kids #School
An open letter from an Ocutech user with ocular albinism to a mother with a child with the same disorder.

Briarna Dobson

#Stargardt's #School #Driving
I always get asked, “What do you mean you’re blind, you look so normal?” Most people find it difficult to comprehend that you can look normal but be partially sighted.

VES Falcon Autofocus Bioptic

#Senior #Macular Degeneration #Veteran
We received this amazing letter from one of Ocutech's favorite prescribers and would like to share it with you. Thank you Dr. Fuhr for your kind words.

Interview with Patrick Raymond

#Optic Nerve Disorder #School #Driving
An interview with Patrick Raymond exploring his experiences with low vision, school, socializing, and driving.  His Ocutech bioptic has provided so many opportunities in school, career, and life.


Veteran with Macular Degeneration

#Macular Degeneration #Hobbies #Veteran
Bill, a World War II vet came back to NC to marry a woman he called the most beautiful woman in the world.  As a mechanic he could fix almost anything, but with macular degeneration everything changed until his visit to the low vision clinic at the Salisbury, NC VA medical center.

Tim Goetz

#Myopic Degeneration #Driving #Career
I should probably mention that I still depend on Ocutech every day. I have several ‘Sight-Scopes’ which are now my tools of choice. I’ve driven well over a million miles since I got that first license.  I almost titled this article “From a Disability Check to a Six Figure Income” but that would not give credit where credit is due. So, how about “Opportunity by Ocutech”.

Living Life Karina Fuentes Style

#Albinism #Student #Author
A constant reminder that the only things in life that we have control over are the choices we make for ourselves.  I couldn't wait to share her story with as many people as possible!

Ocutech Bioptics Can Help You Drive Again

#Pseudotumor #Optic Nerve #Driving 
Thankfully, my vision finally improved enough (20/180) that bioptics could help me drive again! I am so thankful for the freedom that Ocutech bioptics have provided for me.