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Ocutech Bioptics: Bringing Your World into Focus

Ocutech’s mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with low vision by creating innovative low vision aid solutions that will help them see and do things they may have never thought possible—maybe even drive!
(Learn about driving with bioptics).

Bioptics Can Help You See More, Do More and Enjoy More!


See the faces of friends and family, their eyes and smiles!


Attend church, synagogue, and mosques—feel connected


Enjoy hobbies like bowling, music, painting, crafts, and cards


Watch television, sports, movies and theater


Shop, travel, hike, cycle, and work with greater confidence

See the teacher, the board, and classmates in school

Maybe even be eligible for a driver’s license*

Video of people who use Bioptics for low vision

Which Ocutech Bioptic might be Right For You?

Complete our self-assessment questionnaire to determine which Ocutech bioptic might be right for you! Bring the recommendation form to a low vision specialist to take the next step to seeing better.

Real People, Real Stories:
The Impact of Our Bioptics

image of User for testimonial

Aaron Palk discusses driving with his Ocutech Sport II Bioptic Telescope and his progressive eye disease.

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Transforming Lives with Innovative Low Vision Solutions

Whether your goal is to navigate your surroundings, to see your family and friends more clearly, to pursue hobbies, read the computer, play music, or maybe even drive, our extensive range of bioptic telescope low vision aids can enhance your vision and expand your opportunities and independence. Ocutech bioptics are designed to allow your low vision specialist to tailor your bioptic to best address your vision and seeing needs. Experience the improved vision and independence that Ocutech's technology can offer. Your path to enhancing what you can see and do begins here.

Consumer Brochure: Everything You'll Want to Know About Bioptics

Helping Kids be Kids and Experience the World Just Like Their Friends

Visual impairment can be challenging, especially for children. Not being able to see the teacher, the board, friends or classmates can make kids feel isolated and insecure. Ocutech’s bioptics can help kids see and do many of the things that normally-sighted children can take for granted. These tools aren’t just helpful for seeing; they open doors to independence, learning, and careers. Ocutech offers specially designed bioptic glasses for young users– they’re easy to use and fun to wear. They can help kids dream big and focus on their possibilities, not their challenges!

Information for parents of Visually Impaired children
Girl buying bioptic device with her family

*Individuals with low vision should consult their low vision specialist to determine the eligibility requirements for driving with a bioptic in their jurisdiction.