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Ocutech bioptics are helping individuals with low vision see and do things they may have never thought possible.

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Ocutech bioptics can help you read signs, see the faces of loved ones, watch TV, read the computer, see at school and at work. They may even let you to drive.*

Ocutech telescopic bioptics make things larger and easier to see. They can help you for almost every type of activity. In over 45 states in the US and in some countries individuals with reduced vision may even be eligible to drive using their Ocutech bioptic telescope.* Ocutech’s Field Expanders can help individuals with Tunnel Vision.

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*Where legal and properly licensed.

Will an Ocutech bioptic help me? Which one is right for me?

Individuals of all ages have found Ocutech bioptics to be valuable. If your visual acuity is reduced due to central vision loss or your visual field is reduced from tunnel vision, you may experience remarkable improvements in your ability to see using Ocutech’s bioptics

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How do I get an Ocutech bioptic?

Ocutech bioptics are prescribed by Low Vision Specialists. They will demonstrate Ocutech bioptics and determine the best power and design for you. Don’t have a low vision specialist? Ask your eye doctor for a referral or contact Ocutech for the name of an Ocutech prescriber near you.

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"Ocutech bioptics have changed my life -- they may look a little unusual, but to me they're beautiful."

Read what users and prescribers are telling us about their experiences using Ocutech bioptics.

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About Ocutech:

Founded in 1984, Ocutech is the worldwide leader in designing state-of-the-art bioptic telescopes specifically for the visually impaired. Proven effective in NIH-funded studies, and available in over 40 countries, they have become the gold standard in high-quality bioptic telescope systems.

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