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Learn about Ocutech’s telescopic low vision aids for the visually impaired.

Ocutech Low Vision Aids can help individuals of all ages.

“I can see the sparkle in her eyes again.”
Seniors hope to stay connected, engaged, and valued. Read about how bioptics can help…

Female using bioptics (VES Sport) to drive car

“I never thought I’d ever drive.”
Adults seek to maximize their independence and opportunities. Read about how bioptics can help…

“It brought his grades from C’s to A’s.”
Children need to enhance their ability to learn and socialize. Read about how bioptics can help…

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  • Teenager wearing Ocutech Silver VES-Explorer bioptics

    VES Explorer in silver mounted on Ocutech Sleek frame in silver

  • The VES-Explorer is available in 3x and 4x powers with a wide 12.5 degree field-of-view. Appealing to both children and adults, its light weight makes the Explorer comfortable to be worn all day long and it comes in a variety of colors!

Learn More About Our Newest Bioptic

The VES-Explorer includes all of the great features of Ocutech's VES Keplerian telescope systems in a small and modern design.

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My Ocutech bioptic has been such a great help to me at school when I was studying and now at work. I am working full-time as a Receptionist and I do a lot of clerical tasks that require me to read a lot and my device has been really a big help for me to do my job well. What I love the most in this device is that I don’t need to use a hand-held magnifier or any other device to aid my reading because my VES-Sport has a wonderful feature that allows me to read/see distant objects as well as nearby ones like when reading notes and using computers or gadgets.

Karina Fuentes April 9, 2016

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